Monthly Archives: May 2013

May Update

The Grassroots team has been busy over the last month. Enda has completed his report on the Geophysical survey of  Seagrange Green and this has been submitted to the Department of the Environment.

Paul presented his paper discussing  Hugh II de Lacy, a man with possible connections to the Seagrange Monument, at a conference in Toulouse.



The conference of ARBRE, Baziege near Toulouse, France

Brendan is at work on several more replica Leinster Cooking Ware vessels which will be fired over the coming weeks using medieval methods and materials.

Preparations for the excavation are progressing well and all of the technical and legislative issues are being ironed out in the hope that we can begin digging by July.

And finally, local luminary Seamus Johnson has come on board as a researcher with the team. Seamus has just finished an in-depth study on certain facets of Viking Dublin in Trinity College. Seamus will be researching the transition from Viking to Norman control that occurred in Baldoyle which created the political landscape within which the Seagrange Monument was likely created. Of particular interest will be the story of the Battle of the Bloody Stream at Howth during which, it is said, a force of Normans led by  Almeric St. Laurence defeated the local Vikings.


Depiction of a Norman Battle from the Chronique de France